Directionally Challenged?

Sunday, I finally got around to painting the compass at the end of my hallway. It’s a project I’ve been wanting to do for a few months, so I was glad I finally got around to it.1127161816

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After our first decision to pursue land and our dream, the Fireman and I planned a weekend in October to fly back to Washington State and look at land to purchase.

During this time, I did a TON of research and got our assets together and was able to get a raw land loan for the property.

It took us a while to get a real estate agent. Several of them didn’t return our calls, not sure why. We finally got one we loved, who seemed eager to help out. We gave her our final list of Top 8 properties.

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The Birth of the Dream

June 2016 – We went on vacation to Oregon and Washington. You can read about the vacation itself on the The Travels page. Go ahead and check it out, I’ll wait.

Done? Okay.

So, we love to travel. And every time we travel, we think ‘Is this where we want to retire’? We have really loved our vacations. Some places we love, like Vegas or Branson, but we know we’d never want to live there. Then others, like Knoxville, Tennessee, Galena, IL, Petosky, MI, Indiana or Wisconsin we really loved, but just weren’t sure if we wanted that to be our “Forever Home”.

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Chicken Tortilla Soup in the Crockpot

You know when you’re sitting at the Doctor’s office, waiting to see your Doctor, and you’re flipping through a magazine? You are reading an article, cause you don’t just look through it for the hair, clothes and hot guys, duh… and you turn the page…and it’s gone? Someone ripped it out!

Well, I was at the Doctor’s office a couple of weeks back. And. I did that. Not that reading the article and missing pages. Come on, the celebrity sightings are the best part! Nope, I ripped out a page. It was a recipe and I didn’t have any time to write it down. I knew I was next. I know! I’m one of those people!

I apologize.

I’ll make it up to you by sharing what I came up with from that recipe.

Crockpot soup. Right on!

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Rewatching Buffy

So, Christmas is officially over. Christmas trees are put away and lights have (mostly) come down.
I feel like this last Christmas came and went faster than ever before. I know time passes more quickly each year, but this year it really seemed to fly by. I was especially busy with a new job and all the work we did around the house, but still…sucks getting older.

We got the girl a Kindle Fire for Christmas, it was her big present. She’s old enough now that she’s ok with having a big present and just a few other smaller things. All of the kids are inundated with electronics, which is both good and bad….also makes me want one…real bad.

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Christmas planning

So, I have this amazing caramel bar recipe that I’ve been meaning to post, but I haven’t had the time for a full, picture crazy post. So, I figured I’d just come and chat instead.

I know, you’re disappointed.

The bars were really good, though. I’ll get to them soon.

I have this weekend set for my cinnamon roll baking. I make rolls and rings for the neighbors, a big one for work and a big one for home. The kiddos love them.

This year, the girl is spending Christmas in Florida with her dad. She requested beignet’s for her ‘Christmas’ morning with us. So, the next Saturday, I’m making beignet’s in the morning.

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