Holiday Open House 2016

Last weekend we hosted an open house for Christmas. I had originally planned on just inviting my group of girls, 6 of us in total, on Sat Dec 10, but so many of them had plans on the weekends leading up to Christmas, that I decided to just open it up to all of our friends, family, work folks, etc. We didn’t have time to make the changes on Dec 10, so we moved it to Dec 17th, from 6-10pm.

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Christmas Plans

So, I tried to schedule a holiday party with The Girls. The group of girls that I always get together with to watch Outlander, movies, or occasionally have book club meetings with. We sometimes think we are a book club, but mostly we just chat.

With the holidays being so crazy, I could only get 2 of the 5 other ladies together and while I am not opposed to hanging out with these two lovely ladies, I had another idea. I decided to invite like everyone. I invited my work friends, my husband’s firefighter friends, my parents, my old work friends (from another job) and my theatre friends. It’s gonna get crazy, ya’ll!

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Rewatching Buffy

So, Christmas is officially over. Christmas trees are put away and lights have (mostly) come down.
I feel like this last Christmas came and went faster than ever before. I know time passes more quickly each year, but this year it really seemed to fly by. I was especially busy with a new job and all the work we did around the house, but still…sucks getting older.

We got the girl a Kindle Fire for Christmas, it was her big present. She’s old enough now that she’s ok with having a big present and just a few other smaller things. All of the kids are inundated with electronics, which is both good and bad….also makes me want one…real bad.

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Christmas planning

So, I have this amazing caramel bar recipe that I’ve been meaning to post, but I haven’t had the time for a full, picture crazy post. So, I figured I’d just come and chat instead.

I know, you’re disappointed.

The bars were really good, though. I’ll get to them soon.

I have this weekend set for my cinnamon roll baking. I make rolls and rings for the neighbors, a big one for work and a big one for home. The kiddos love them.

This year, the girl is spending Christmas in Florida with her dad. She requested beignet’s for her ‘Christmas’ morning with us. So, the next Saturday, I’m making beignet’s in the morning.

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Christmas decorations

So, we got the decorations up. Or, well I got the decorations up. How is it that the kids are old enough that they don’t get excited about decorating the house anymore? They like the decorations, but when I’m all “‘hey! It’s time to decorate!” They’re all ‘meh’. Geez!

Tomorrow, my book club is meeting at my house for the monthly meeting. We’re talking about Gone Girl that I read last month. It was okay, I’m more excited about what we’re going to read next. I can’t really remember what we’re supposed to be reading next. That’s why I’m excited about it.

Cause it’s different that Gone Girl.

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Christmas Shopping

So, the fireman and I have done most of our Christmas shopping. It was lots of fun. The fireman and I have ran around and marked stuff off the list. We actually have a good idea what we’re doing now for the kids…well, mostly. One we still need a few more ideas on, but doing good for November.

I actually made a spreadsheet. On my laptop. With totals and ideas and stocking stuffers, all in columns and organized. Yes. I’m weird.

On one hand, if you wait til the last minute, you have a hard time finding what you want and finding GOOD gifts for people. On the other hand, if you shop too early, you find more things you like better and you end up spending more money. It’s a tough break.

I had a Dr’s appointment today at lunch and stopped by Toy’s R Us for a sale priced item for the youngest boy and had an impromptu Sonic crispy chicken sandwich. Boyo, I don’t get fast food often, but it was gooooood! I almost got a breakfast burrito, ala Jana, but wanted crispy goodness instead. Yum. Didn’t they used to have a pork tenderloin sandwhich a long time ago? I was hoping for it, but no luck….I did notice, however, that they opened up a new Chick Fil A! I was super excited, but I had already gotten my Sonic, so couldn’t change my mind.

Our Thanksgiving is going to be nice and quiet. My mom always goes to my sister’s for Thanksgiving cause they like being home for Christmas. And the fireman’s mom always goes to his youngest brother’s for Thanksgiving. So, it’s just us. It’s pretty nice. So, since my mom left last week for my sister’s, I sent my sister, neice and nephew’s Christmas gifts. No postage. Yeah!

We have some great food recipe’s ready for Thanksgiving meal. I plan on having a post highlighting our favorite recipes for Thanksgiving. One year, we’ll have the BEST recipes and it won’t change. But we still play with our menu each year.

Oh! I read Gone Girl for my book club. Weird book. Intelligent book, but I’m not really sure if I liked it. I can’t really say I enjoyed it all that much. It kinda made me feel angry or depressed while reading it. Not really the escapism I really long for in a book. Dunno.

A Girl With A Cast

So, I had to update with pics of the girl.

This was her at the prompt care, we were trying to cheer her up by making her pose for the camera. That is actually mud on her face from the fall.
This is real stuff, folks…. 😉

Then, since she broke BOTH bones in her arm, by the wrist, but one bone was broke clean through, she had to get it reset. It wasn’t completely in-line and it was at the growth plate, so….important.

So, she had to go to appointments all day, the next day, morning appt with the doctor, setting up surgery the next day and afternoon appointment for a physical to make sure she was healthy enough.

Weird thing, it’s called closed surgery, so they actually put her out, gave her anesthesia, so that it wouldn’t hurt when she reset it. But they didn’t actually cut into her. It was like all the set up for real surgery, only no cutting.

She was a little nervous until she found out that they were using a gas mask and not an iv for the anesthesia. Therefore, no needles. BTW, she wore that had to school today as a beret. Total look with it cocked to one side and all.

And seriously, you should have seen us. Me in crutches and her getting her cast done. Everyone was asking if it was me or her they were working on. We had to explain ourselves a lot. I’ll have to get a pic of the both of us, all bandaged up. Sad thing.

So, she was only out for like 20 minutes. It took longer to get all set up and have every one check her in and changed than the actual procedure.

The fireman and I got these neon pink wrist bands with her name on them, so that she can only leave with people that have the same name on the wrist bands. Especially incase she’s really groggy after. She had to tease him for wearing pink, not that it bothered him.

I drove separately, since I went to work in the morning, and her appt wasn’t until noon. I used the hospital valet service, since it’s free. Hey, being on crutches is a good excuse to use it. So, when we left, she wanted to ride with me. The anesthesia gave her nausea and she tossed her cookies afterwards and was kinda feeling puny and weak. So, I got the jeep pulled around and kissed the fireman goodbye, telling him we’d meet him at home.

On the way, I figured we’d swing by and pick up her homework, since it was about time for school to get out. So, I pulled into the school parking lot and just sat there. I only then realized that I had no actual way of getting the homework back into the car. I can’t carry it while on crutches, and I can’t send a little girl, straight out of anesthesia (nauseus and still dizzy) to run inside and carry it out.

So, I call the fireman and luckily he hadn’t gotten home yet, he had stopped at the fire station for something or other. So, he said he’d grab it for us. I turned and headed home. Once I pulled in, she got sick again. I sat there realizing, I had no way to support her if she threw up walking into the house, or got dizzy. So, I went inside, having her wait in the jeep, while I go inside to find the youngest boy, but he’s downstairs and I can’t make it down. So, I call him on his cell phone and ask him to come help me get her in. He sees the bag of (tossed cookies) and says, “I’m not so good with vomit.” coughing a little. I grabbed the bag, wrapped it up, stuck it between two fingers and crutched it to the trash can. I didn’t want him to get sick, too. So, he then walked next to her, making sure she didn’t trip, or get dizzy.

Once we were all inside, her and I hit the couch and didn’t move for like, hours.

We spent most of the weekend curled there, too. Catching up on our DVR’d Once Upon A Time, and Mirror Mirror that came in the Blockbuster Online we had saved for the weekend.

And now? She looks all healed up and sporting a fancy cast.

P.S. I ran by the store and got her a pack of neon colored markers to take to school for some signage. She was super excited for Monday morning.