Cape Cod, Massachusetts

For our 7th year anniversary, the Fireman and I decided to go to Dennis Port, Cape Cod. We left on August 3rd, a Thursday after work and dropping off the girl with my parents. We had time to stop in at Fogo de Chão, a Brazilian steak house. It was sooo good! Those guys in those fun gaucho pants were on it! If you’ve never been to one of these restaurants before, they give you a token with one green and one red side. When you’re ready for meat, you flip the token to green and they just keep it coming!

You will end up so full, but happy! There’s a salad bar to load up on first, and a hot soup, bread and bacon bar. The bacon was a brown sugar peppercorn bacon and was incredible! I could have just eaten plates of that and be good to go.

They even brought us out a pretty little slice of cake decorated with Happy Anniversary for us! How sweet!

We got up Thursday morning, I did some Barre exercises before we left. We had time to stop by Starbucks for coffee and relax. Our flight landed in Boston at 6, later than we were supposed to by quite a bit. So we didn’t have time to look around Boston or grab dinner in town. We were supposed to check into our B&B, the Old Wharf Inn, by 9pm, so we had to get on the road. By the time we got in, it was 9:40pm as it was with construction and traffic. Luckily, the owner was okay with the change in plans and we got a nice little room in a cute B&B down by the water.

After checking in, we left to go to a neighborhood diner/bar, The Sailing Cow, for a drink and some wings. We hadn’t been able to get dinner, so we were famished. We chatted and relaxed, happy to be in Cape Cod. It was a bit chilly at night, but pretty fun otherwise.

We slept in a bit Friday morning due to the late night before. We had breakfast at 9:30 at Wee Packet, short wait. We got seated out on the back patio and it was a nice sunny morning. The Fireman got the full Irish with great black pudding and a side order of homemade has, very nice with large pulled corned beef. I had the Portuguese omelet with chorizo, sauteed onion, peppers and Monterrey jack cheese. I also had a side order of Irish sausages and grilled tomatoes. It was really very good. Lots of good coffee. We sat a while, not rushed, then looked around the gift shop on our way out. It was really cute and worthwhile to stop by.

We drove into town, finding the only open public bathroom at the library, but we had a lot of fun shopping the downtown souvenir shops, antique and craft stores. After we wandered a bit, we went to First Crush winery for a tasting. Really good wines. We bought the CranBlanc, a really nice mix of cranberry raisin and sauvignon blanc, but not very sweet, so win-win! They also had a really nice red in a Hungarian oak cask that tasted of vanilla and spice.

Then we drove to Devil’s Purse brewery. The tastings were pretty good except for the last one, but the atmosphere was better than the beer. We drove to Fritz Glass and Harts nursery and found some other shops, a Christmas Tree souvenir store, The Fire Bell (a cute little fire memorabilia shop) and a fun vintage clothes store with a HUGE Anatolian dog. Tres Bien!

We had the rest of the trip at our BlueGreen resort, The Soundings, and were able to check in around 5pm. It was really nice, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Got a really nice room, unpacked and went to the Raw Oyster Bar for dinner. We didn’t have reservations, but they were able to seat us outside on the patio. Luckily I brought a jacket. The Fireman started with a half dozen oysters, very fresh he said. I got a nice Malbec and ordered the duck with a cherry and red zinfandel sauce, risotto, asparagus, buttered spinach and a salad with balsamic vin. Really good. The Fireman got the Paella, with mussels, shrimp, sausage, and a chicken portion over rice. He said it tasted like the food we got in the Dominican Republic, like a good stew. He really enjoyed it. Great meal! We had espressos after dinner, but then I got a raging headache, so we passed on the dessert. It did look good, though cranberry lemon custard pie or blueberry creme brulee, yum!

We stopped at a 7 Eleven for ibuprofen and then drove to downtown Hyannis to look around. We decided to pass on ice cream and went back to the resort. I took a short nap on the couch, then felt much better and we went to bed.

Saturday, we got up early. The Fireman read a bit and I did a short workout. We drove to Grumpy’s for breakfast. We had to wait in line, but it wasn’t too bad. We got sat at a bar area and both had the Hearty Breakfast (3 eggs, bacon, sausage and hash brown patty. I added the linguica, Portuguese sausage, which was so worth it. We both got avocado and I picked mine up with my knife, cause it’s what I had in my hand to slide it onto my eggs and it slide right off and directly into my cup of coffee…sigh… The lady to my left thought it was hilarious and whispered it to her friends. So instead of getting embarrassed, I looked at her, grinned and said, “I couldn’t have done that if I tried!” It’s hard to make fun of someone when they are laughing about it themselves. So there! Really good coffee, though. Musta been the avocado.

Then we drove up to Provincetown. We had TERRIBLE traffic. Probably should have visited on Friday and not Saturday.  We stopped at South Hollow Spirits and Truro Vineyards. We got there in time for the spirits tour. The gin was from white rum and didn’t taste like a Christmas tree, yay! I really loved it. They had an amber (lovely like molasses) and a spiced rum that were good too. Then we did the wine tasting, but didn’t care much for the wine. The spot was really cool with an outdoor picnic type style for relaxing, a food cart and the wine and spirit bar. The wine tasting was on a separate little patio that had a fun bistro feel. Definitely worth the stop.

Then we drove the rest of the way to Provincetown, getting in around 4:30pm. We found a car park and walked. We had the best time. We ate an early dinner at the Lobster Pot. I had the Portuguese stew with kale, kidney beans, linguica, cabbage, carrots, onion and potato, then blackened salmon with an amazing leek and tomato buerre blanc, wow and double wow, with a leek and cabbage mash. The Fireman started with oysters, then a fish taco, then a lobster cake topped with avocado and mango chutney, avocado sauce, and tarragon aioli and finished with a fried soft shell crab. LOTS of food, but it was ah-mazing. .

We walked down to MacMillan’s Wharf after and saw the Hindu, a very old, very cool schooner, the Pirate Museum (Whydah) and lots of small artist shops. So much fun!. We walked to a Portuguese bakery for coffee and I got a raspberry crescent roll and a cream horn. Then, I got a dark chocolate turtle disc from a lovely lady at the nut and ice cream shop. The whole place was free and a great energy was vibin’ all over. We stopped at another bakery, Connie’s. The Fireman got a carrot cake bomb covered in cream cheese frosting and coconut. I got a s’mores brownie. We walked more and stopped in a bar for whiskey’s. Lots of adult shops and clothing shops, boho shops and fun hip shops. We just loved it. We loved everyone’s attitude and friendliness.

We did stop later in the evening for a slice of pizza. On our way out that evening, we stopped to listen to a guy playing a piano outside on the street. It was really intense and emotional. We were enraptured by it. Very cool. After the ride back, much shorter, by the way, we walked out on the beach at midnight  before turning in.

Sunday, we got up for our Sunday brunch reservations in Yarmouth at Olde Yarmouth Inn at 10am. It was very good. The line was long, so unfortunately we didn’t get to sit and eat together very much after the first plate. They had really good coffee. The highlight was a spinach and ricotta crepe, very rich. Afterwards we drove to downtown Yarmouth to the mall to walk around a bit and then to downtown Hyannis.

Hyannis has a cute downtown area! We must have missed this part when we drove in the first time. We parked and stopped at an outside bar for drinks. I had a Cranberry Spiked Seltzer and the Fireman had a watermelon vodka from a large dispenser marinating in the watermelon. It was pretty cool. We really enjoyed each others company and the fact that we could sit and have a drink in the middle of the day.  Vacations are awesome! Then we walked up and down the shopping area enjoying the town and the warm weather.

On our way back to Dennisport, we stopped for seafood at Clancy’s, which overlooks the Swan River. We sat outside and enjoyed the view, very romantic. We both got fried cod and slaw and shared a spinach salad. Then we drove to Wee Packet to go back for that compass bracelet I loved, yeah! Since it was our last day, we wanted to soak up as much fun as possible and drove downtown to Etzy’s Wine bar for drinks. The waiters were so friendly, they both introduced themselves and shook our hands, nice! Great atmosphere, and we had some great conversations. They had live entertainment, which was pretty great and we soaked up the atmosphere a bit before heading out.

We decided to walk up to Auntie’s Ice Cream Parlor for a ice cream. I got a Turtle Sunday with Maple Walnut ice cream, pecans, hot fudge and caramel. OMG it was amazing. The Fireman got a Peanut Butter explosion but with Moosetracks ice cream and a peanut butter sauce. We didn’t get to bed til 11pm or so, and had a great last day!

We had to get up at 7am for our trip home, we looked out at the beach one last time and it was beautiful. We drove to South Dennis for breakfast at a cute little diner. I got a gluten free blueberry pancake with strawberries, 2 eggs and bangers, which were so good and creamy.  The Fireman got multi grain pancakes and an Irish breakfast with a blueberry scone. We sat at the bar and had fun watching the cooks rush around and make breakfast. The drive back to Boston was uneventful. We grabbed one last coffee at Espressamente Illy and got loaded for our 1pm flight home.

After we got back, and got our car, we stopped for one final drink  of Tullamore at a pub before picking up the girl at our parents house. We didn’t get in til 9:30, so we went right to bed. It was a great vacation and we had a ball!

Highlights: Provincetown and shopping in Hyannis. Also, cuddling with the Fireman! 😉


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