Holiday Open House 2016

Last weekend we hosted an open house for Christmas. I had originally planned on just inviting my group of girls, 6 of us in total, on Sat Dec 10, but so many of them had plans on the weekends leading up to Christmas, that I decided to just open it up to all of our friends, family, work folks, etc. We didn’t have time to make the changes on Dec 10, so we moved it to Dec 17th, from 6-10pm.

A week before Christmas is probably not the best time to host a holiday party, as many people, as I was soon to find out, have plans with their extended family prior to Christmas. It was strange to me, as we get together a day or two after Christmas for our extended families.

So, we basically invited everyone, which was cool. Then, we got a rain and ice storm and the roads got nasty. In the end we only had my parents, 2 firemen families of 4 and a good friend of mine that did a musical with me this year, for a total of 11 visitors.

Our home isn’t all that large, so it was nice that it wasn’t too crowded and since they came and went, they weren’t all 11 there at exactly the same times, but there was good overlap.

We had Christmas music playing and tons of candles lit around everywhere. The girl and I had made 12 different cookie and candy recipes the night before, it took us 5 hours or more to finish them all. The Fireman made a big batch of Guinness stew that was incredible! I had hot mulled cider simmering on the stove and had made some little rolls stuffed with pepperoni and cheddar or ham and swiss.

Funniest part of the night: One of the candles was one that I had made. It must have been badly mixed or too much fragrance oil, because it was near the bottom and the candle wax all caught on fire and blazed up a foot and a half. Luckily it was no where near anything flammable…and I happened to have 3 fireman in the house. Thank God for small favors. 😉

The Fireman (my fireman) carried it out into the snow with silicone hot pads and left it out there to go out in the freezing rain. However, 15 minutes later, we peeked outside to the front yard and the thing was still blazing! It was amazing it was blazing, sitting in that snow with the sleet and snow falling on it.

Best part of the night: By the time everyone arrived, we were done with cooking. We were able to sit and chat and enjoy time with those that were able to make it. Good wine, good food, good people. I enjoyed every minute of it!


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