Will change do you good?

The Fireman and I went over our Washington plans again on Saturday. We talked about changes again to the Washington portion of the plan. The town in which had envisioned living has thrown up so many road blocks for our rentals that we looked around at other properties in other counties.

We originally decided that even if we couldn’t do our rentals in the town we chose, we would want to eventually relocate and live there to build our Forever Home. Now, we’re contemplating if there would be another town that had ‘It All’, too. But one that would also allow us to do our vacation homes, and preferably the yurts.

The yurt company specifically called out Mason county as easy to work with. They had already put up yurts in that county and they were accepted with no issue. They specifically called out our Clallum county as difficult to work with. Our original favorite town resides in Clallum county.

We still have an open contract for land in this county…however we have a time frame to finish our feasibility study. Which is what we are doing. Our purpose of the land was to do the vacation rentals in conjunction with our own primary residence.

We found some land and some towns that we like, but we don’t have time to travel there to check them out before our feasibility period expires. So, we’re placing a few calls to the county and in the end we’ll have to go with our gut feeling. Not the preferred way to go, but it’s all we can do at this point.

Either stick it out, we can still buy rental opportunities in other counties in Washington. Or be adventurous and decide there may be another town where we can have it all. We could back out on our contract and continue investigation in other towns early next year….

I honestly don’t know what to do…


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