Christmas Plans

So, I tried to schedule a holiday party with The Girls. The group of girls that I always get together with to watch Outlander, movies, or occasionally have book club meetings with. We sometimes think we are a book club, but mostly we just chat.

With the holidays being so crazy, I could only get 2 of the 5 other ladies together and while I am not opposed to hanging out with these two lovely ladies, I had another idea. I decided to invite like everyone. I invited my work friends, my husband’s firefighter friends, my parents, my old work friends (from another job) and my theatre friends. It’s gonna get crazy, ya’ll!

I have no idea how it’ll work out, especially because we don’t have a large house. It’s actually fairly small, but I think we’ll just deal. Besides, I’ve had a lot of people say they have other plans that weekend, Dec 17th, being so close to Christmas. Also, we’re having it as an open house, so between people coming and going, I think it should work out just fine.

On the other hand, I just hope I have people show up…. 😉


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