Changes to the Dream

So, dreams can change. There’s a lot of truth to that. We aren’t totally changing our dream plans, but we are slightly modifying them. That happens. We roll.

We found out that the county in which our property resides isn’t very helpful about building permits and vacation rentals in general. Their goal is to minimize rentals and hotels and multi family buildings. We never planned on a large rental situation, but I get their goal to maintain the serenity of the place.

So, we thought long and hard, the Fireman and I, about what we wanted and what we were willing to give up. The decision? Even if we can’t create any vacation rentals on this property, we still want it to be our Forever Home. Also, we still really want to have vacation rentals. So, our compromise is that we will maintain our purchase of the property and continue to investigate the opportunity to build vacation rentals on the property. However, we are open to building vacation rentals in other counties in Washington, and in other cities across the nation (or even world!). Remember that part where we said go big or go home? We really meant it!

If we’re not going to be living on the property, we might as well chose a property closer to where we are living at the moment, so Galena, IL seemed like a good choice. It’s about a 3 hour drive from us. It would be easier to set up and travel to. An easier place to break into the business.

Pros & Cons: It will take a little more money up front, as we were going to use the land purchase in Washington as the location. So, only building costs after that. However, because we are looking for established places, we don’t have to worry about septic, water, etc. The place is ready to go!

We will eventually have to do those things for our Forever Home, but that’s not necessary right now. We can slowly develop the land as we go.

We’d like to open it up to our favorite places and then we can vacation around where we love. I will continue to write, go figure. But I can do that anywhere. Our top places? Gatlinburg, TN, Petosky, MI, Branson, MO, New Orleans, LA. Areas that are friendly to our business plan and established homes. Might as well make it easier on us.

So that’s it. That’s the plan….for now!


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