Rewatching Buffy

So, Christmas is officially over. Christmas trees are put away and lights have (mostly) come down.
I feel like this last Christmas came and went faster than ever before. I know time passes more quickly each year, but this year it really seemed to fly by. I was especially busy with a new job and all the work we did around the house, but still…sucks getting older.

We got the girl a Kindle Fire for Christmas, it was her big present. She’s old enough now that she’s ok with having a big present and just a few other smaller things. All of the kids are inundated with electronics, which is both good and bad….also makes me want one…real bad.

Oh, and funny thing. The fireman bought me more seasons of Buffy, my favorite show since high school. I now have all 7 seasons. I got the girl interested in them, which cracks me up. The first season is especially bad. Well, it wasn’t bad for it’s age, but come on, it was 1996. Best part, was I remember the first episodes. I was 16 and sat in the study with my friend. I often watched it, while on the phone with her, barely talking, except for big moments or commercials. Crazy. The camera shots are funny cause they’re so old, but I remember the music and the feelings I had while watching them at 16. I was the same age as Buffy and her friends at that time. So, the show really spoke to me at that time.

We just finished watching season 1 last night and started with the first episode of season 2 this morning. And I have realized in my adulthood that those episodes dealt with some really hard high school lessons. I think that’s why I loved the show so much. They deal with clique’s, sex, drugs, divorce, being expected to walk in your parent’s footsteps. So many issues that you come across in high school are there. THey just throw in monsters to make it ‘hip’.

Oh, and my daughter things the fashion is just hilarious. ‘Mom! Her boots are so funny looking!’ I ask why, she says, ’cause the heels are so chunky!’
Yep, that’s how heels were back then. Cracks me up. But she loves the funny sayings that Joss Whedon (the Buffy producer and creator) writes in. They always cracked me up, too. So, I’m feeling a little nostalgic. And happy I can share it with her.


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