Caramel Pecan Bars

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I made this for my work potluck a few weeks back, but am lazy and only now posting about it.
It’s really good and chewy and gooey caramelly. Translation = total yum.

It was really easy to throw together, which this time of the year? So important.

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Christmas planning

So, I have this amazing caramel bar recipe that I’ve been meaning to post, but I haven’t had the time for a full, picture crazy post. So, I figured I’d just come and chat instead.

I know, you’re disappointed.

The bars were really good, though. I’ll get to them soon.

I have this weekend set for my cinnamon roll baking. I make rolls and rings for the neighbors, a big one for work and a big one for home. The kiddos love them.

This year, the girl is spending Christmas in Florida with her dad. She requested beignet’s for her ‘Christmas’ morning with us. So, the next Saturday, I’m making beignet’s in the morning.

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Christmas decorations

So, we got the decorations up. Or, well I got the decorations up. How is it that the kids are old enough that they don’t get excited about decorating the house anymore? They like the decorations, but when I’m all “‘hey! It’s time to decorate!” They’re all ‘meh’. Geez!

Tomorrow, my book club is meeting at my house for the monthly meeting. We’re talking about Gone Girl that I read last month. It was okay, I’m more excited about what we’re going to read next. I can’t really remember what we’re supposed to be reading next. That’s why I’m excited about it.

Cause it’s different that Gone Girl.

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