Christmas Shopping

So, the fireman and I have done most of our Christmas shopping. It was lots of fun. The fireman and I have ran around and marked stuff off the list. We actually have a good idea what we’re doing now for the kids…well, mostly. One we still need a few more ideas on, but doing good for November.

I actually made a spreadsheet. On my laptop. With totals and ideas and stocking stuffers, all in columns and organized. Yes. I’m weird.

On one hand, if you wait til the last minute, you have a hard time finding what you want and finding GOOD gifts for people. On the other hand, if you shop too early, you find more things you like better and you end up spending more money. It’s a tough break.

I had a Dr’s appointment today at lunch and stopped by Toy’s R Us for a sale priced item for the youngest boy and had an impromptu Sonic crispy chicken sandwich. Boyo, I don’t get fast food often, but it was gooooood! I almost got a breakfast burrito, ala Jana, but wanted crispy goodness instead. Yum. Didn’t they used to have a pork tenderloin sandwhich a long time ago? I was hoping for it, but no luck….I did notice, however, that they opened up a new Chick Fil A! I was super excited, but I had already gotten my Sonic, so couldn’t change my mind.

Our Thanksgiving is going to be nice and quiet. My mom always goes to my sister’s for Thanksgiving cause they like being home for Christmas. And the fireman’s mom always goes to his youngest brother’s for Thanksgiving. So, it’s just us. It’s pretty nice. So, since my mom left last week for my sister’s, I sent my sister, neice and nephew’s Christmas gifts. No postage. Yeah!

We have some great food recipe’s ready for Thanksgiving meal. I plan on having a post highlighting our favorite recipes for Thanksgiving. One year, we’ll have the BEST recipes and it won’t change. But we still play with our menu each year.

Oh! I read Gone Girl for my book club. Weird book. Intelligent book, but I’m not really sure if I liked it. I can’t really say I enjoyed it all that much. It kinda made me feel angry or depressed while reading it. Not really the escapism I really long for in a book. Dunno.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping

  1. Jana H. says:

    I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on Gone Girl so I just decided to skip it. Glad I did, now that I know you didn’t enjoy it all that much. 😉

    Sonic took a lot of their good stuff off the menu a while back. The pork tenderloin was one of them, as was the breakfast croissant I always enjoyed. So long as they don’t take away the burritos or the java chillers, though, I’ll continue to be a loyal fan. hehehe

    Kuddos on getting ahead on your shopping. I’ve gotten about half mine done already but no clue what to do about the other half. The kids are getting harder and harder to shop for…especially the 13-year-old who has everything already. I got her the Taylor Swift CD for her birthday and she was sort of “meh” about it even though she loves Taylor. *shrugs* I’m rappidly losing my cool factor with her.

  2. JenMarie's Cafe says:

    I know. It’s so hard to shop for teenagers. Geez! At some point, my mom just started taking me out shopping. We’d have a little personal time and she’d let me pick something out. Course, I didn’t mind that at all. 🙂

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