Reese’s S’mores!


Our kids love Halloween.

These are the youngest boy and girl’s pumpkins.

They love candy, too. They love it so much that when I planned to make s’mores they had to put candy in their s’mores.

Now, they love candy, but they LOVE Reese’s. So….that’s what they used.

The fireman might have had a little something to do with it, too….

It’s my fault that they also love their marshmallows charred. I looooove an ooey gooey marshmallow.

I know it seems wrong. But it’s oh, so very right!

It’s a little salty from the peanut butter, which is amazeballs with the marshmallow.

You really have no idea how good. I suggest you find out for yourself.




!Thank you!



3 thoughts on “Reese’s S’mores!

  1. Jana H. says:

    YUM! I’m with the kids…Reese’s rawk. I’ll bet they are totally delicious in some s’mores. Although…I don’t really like graham crackers so what I’D do is sandwhich an ooey gooey marshmallow between two Reese’s cups. hehehehe

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