Randomness, chicken pot pie and renovations update

My healing is going well. I’ve been sitting on the couch for the last two days, reading and catching up on my DVR’d shows. I’ve been sleeping like a college kid, too. But I miss being able to put my own stuff away, or get my own stuff out. It’s hard to manage carrying things when you’re on crutches. But I’m only on them for two weeks, and so I’m going to try to enjoy it while I can.

The first night was pretty hard. I took meds before I went to bed, not knowing when the nerve block would wear off and knowing the meds need to build up in my system before they work well. The fireman had his alarm set to wake me in four hours for another dose. I woke up in 2 hours, feeling the nerve block wear off. It wore off way too fast, and I had to wait to take the next meds. Then, since they hadn’t built up yet, they weren’t sufficient to block the pain. I ended up on the couch that night, so that I could prop my leg up on the back of the couch and get it as high (and numb) as possible. It was horribly painful. My lovely fireman slept on the loveseat in the living room to stay near me and keep an eye on me. I finally slept in 20  minute intervals out of sheer exhaustion and the meds finally kicked in around 6am. Then I slept like a dream.

The fireman made this wonderful chicken pot pie last night and I finally had the appetite for it. When I make it, I try to make a white sauce and add chicken bullion, like a chicken pan gravy, then add the shredded chicken and peas and carrots, sauteed onions, too. But he just used the jarred chicken gravy and a bag of mixed vegetables, plus a leftover rotisserie chicken. Then, he set it in the fridge till supper time. He rolled out a jiffy pie crust and set it on top and baked it. OMG was it good! It was simple, but full of flavor! I liked that it wasn’t a ton of pie crust, just the top, so not as much carbs, but added a nice crisp, salty flavor.

BTW, I read in my Taste of Home recently that said that the top premade pie crusts were Marie Calendar and Jiffy. There were others, like an organic one and something else, but these surprised me. Not pillsbury, but Jiffy… And it was good last night. I nearly always make my own, cause I have a fast recipe, but I was impressed. I know that Marie Calendar’s frozen pies are the only premade pies that I think are really good.

Since I haven’t updated our renovations lately, here’s where we are on a few things. We finally have a lead on floor registers for the house. We wanted to replace ours with those big farmhouse ones, cast iron, but haven’t found them anywhere except online that cost $80 or so, and we need four of them to do the living room and dining room. IT’s a great room, so you’d notice. Kind of like this one. We never finished the floor boards in the living/diningroom/hallway after the remodel where we took the wall out and put the barn beams up. The fireman found someone on Criagslist that said they have old, antique ones ranging from $15-25. So, that’d be awesome.

Product Details

We may try to run out today and look at them. I will have to sit in the backseat of the truck, and veg a little, but that’s okay. For baseboards, we’re going to have the nice tall boards, not quite as high as the registers. Maybe 6-8 inch tall? Poly’d to shine like the barn beams. I will love it!

The fireman is still finishing up the last few things with the fence. It’s so nice having it up. It’s all done except for the gates. I took lots of pictures of the building of it and will post them once it’s all done. The youngest boy and I helped as much as we could, but the fireman did half of it or more, just by himself. He rocks.

The last upgrade we have, as of new is the garage door. The springs totally broke on it a couple of months back. And my poor motorcycle has had to sit outside. She’s kinda cranky about it. 🙂 But now that I’m laid up, she can be garaged for the winter. We had to buy a new garage door, because they don’t sell just the springs. Besides, the door is super old, not insulate and heavy as all get out. So, we found a nice new one and it will be delivered this week!

We even paid the extra hundred bucks or so to get the carriage door! A normal garage door is like this.

With the rectangles, lengthwise. We wanted windows, but they add a lot of expense. But the carriage doors include windows and hardware to make it look like old carriage doors. It doesn’t actually open that way, but it just LOOKS like it.

Ours will look like this, except take out the section in the middle. They’re attached, one long door, but with the hardware in the center, it still looks like they open independently. Can you tell there are thin slats running up and down in the body of the door? Like wood slats. So, the actual form of the door is different too.

And the front of the house is so much of the face, so I really think it’ll upgrade the whole look/feel of the house.

I’m super excited about it coming in. And I’ll have pics once it does. Of course. 😉

That’s all for now, off to sleep more…


4 thoughts on “Randomness, chicken pot pie and renovations update

  1. Jana H. says:

    Love, love, LOVE those carriage style garage doors. If I ever live in a house with a garage, I’m totally going with ones like these. And those floor registers are awesome, too. So pretty! 🙂 Hope that works (worked?) out well and ya’ll are (were?) able to get them.

    Glad you’re feeling better. That first night sounded miserable. (((hugs))) You’re very fortunate to have such a good nurse in you’re fireman. He’s earning super extra bonus points. 😉

    As for the pot pie…YUM. Tho I must admit, I’m a total crust ho. The rare occasions I buy the pre-made pot pies, I tend to discard most of the “innards” and skip straight to the crusts…so I’m definitely a double crust girl. That’s probably why I’m such a fatty, though. :-/ hehehe

  2. JenMarie's Cafe says:

    Well, we found out that the place we needed to drive to to look at the registers wasn’t an hour away, like we thought, but 2 1/2 hours away. Like 5 hours round trip. So, we are foregoing it for now. Maybe get good photos from the owner and have him ship them? Haven’t decided yet. Maybe a nice weekend trip.

    I’ll post photos of the garage doors when they’re done. Cool that you like them, too! You know why I’m so jazzed about them then. 🙂

    BTW, totally not allowed to call yourself that! We love you, Jana, even if you’re a crust ‘ho. LOL! We all have our weaknesses.

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