Night Running

Tomorrow morning I’m going in for surgery. Last April, I had corrective foot surgery on my right foot. Tomorrow morning, I’m having the same surgery on my left foot. It makes sense, because our insurance deductible is already paid and the second foot will be practically free.

It’s a simple surgery, for flat feet/bunions that I really need because I have a lot of foot pain. So, I’m looking forward to finally getting it corrected and healing from the thing. I have thought about getting this surgery since I was in high school, some 10-14 years ago. And thought very dreadingly of it. The right foot was first, as it was the worst, and I was on crutches for two weeks, then wearing a strapped on wedge/shoe for the next 4 weeks, for a total of 6 weeks. Not a big deal, at any rate.

But the whole time, I kept thinking how I had to do this all over again. And I’m kind of glad that I’m forced to do it by the end of the year, because of the insurance thing, or I’m sure I’d be able to talk myself out of it, for the time being at least.

So, I scheduled it mid-October. Late enough in the year, that I’m not missing too many hikes, running outside, motorcycle weather. Just life. However, not so late that I’m in crutches in the snow.

So, of course it rained all weekend, so no last bike ride, no last hike in the woods. And I was sure no last running through the neighborhood.

I did have a fun weekend, though. We planned a chili cookout with our neighbors. We used leftover sloppy joe meat from the block party last summer, that we had froze and made it into chili in a large electric cooker. We also set out hot water for hot chocolate and a coffee urn. Our neighbor opened her garage for us, and we had tables set out for it. There was a lull in the rain, just enough for us to enjoy inside and outside fellowship. She made funnel cakes and the neighbors brought desserts. It was a nice few hours, relaxing and enjoying the crisp Autumn air.

The trees are turning colors and losing leaves. You can smell the dried leaves in the air. It’s heady and intoxicating. Easily one of my favorite smells ever.

Then, my newly formed book club had our first meeting, outside of the first one at Barnes and Nobles where we picked out books. We met to discuss D. E. Stevenson’s Miss Buncle’s Book. It’s an older book, written in 1936 or so about an unassuming woman who lives in a small English town and writes a book about her neighbors. The whole town reads the book and is outraged, as she only thinly veils their identity and everyone knows who she’s writing about. They can’t figure out who wrote the book, though. And that, along with a lot of good gossip and crazy characters takes up the book. At first I thought it was boring, and couldn’t hardly get through it, but eventually, I couldn’t wait to find out what each of them did next. It was fun. We decided to bring a dessert or wine and dress up as one of the characters. So, I brought sliced cheese and hard salami and dressed up in one of my mom’s old red velvet dresses with ivory lace. I’ve never had occasion to wear it and it seemed perfect.

I curled my hair up, and pinned it, wore my cameo and had so much fun laughing with the women.

Today, I finished up all my last laundry for the week and some heavy cleaning, to get me through a while. Then, we went out to pick up some groceries. Probably my last shopping trip for a little while. Got that all put away and decided to get one more run in.

So, I resigned myself to that and had a last run on the treadmill. I really pushed myself. It was good, it felt good. I ran more, and faster than normal. I loved it. I slowed when I had to, walked when I had to, than ran a little more when I could.

Then, I came up, drippy with sweat and satisfied.

My neighbor was kind enough to offer to let the girl stay the night tonight, as we’re leaving early in the morning. I have to be at the hospital by 7am. She’s going to get her off to school for me. I didn’t want to go alone and have the fireman get her off and meet me there. I’m a scardy cat and want him with me.

I’m not ashamed. 🙂

So, I walked her over and when I came back in the door I told the fireman how amazing it is outside. My blood’s still pumping and I’m still warm inside. It doesn’t feel cold outside at all, and it’s dried up a bit. I told him I felt like I could almost run all over again. I pulled out the chili to warm some up for me. I waited to eat until the girl had eaten, was showered and packed and I had finished running.

He said, well, why don’t you? I said, I mean outside. I’m just gonna miss being outside all the time. I love it. I love the weather.

He said, go. It’ll be your last chance, and you’ll regret it if you don’t. I smiled, said okay, took my hoodie off and ran back out. I was running by the time I hit the end of the driveway and turned down the street. It was pitch black out and only the lights from the houses and the street lights shed any light on the road. You could hear the leaves rustling in the wind.

There was a nice biting chill in the air and if I stopped running enough, I knew I’d be cold. The thermostat registered at 51 degrees outside. As I reached the main street downtown (in our little town) I could hear cars and smell some bonfire somewhere. It smelled like burning leaves and s’mores.

There was nothing distracting me from the smells and sounds. It was dark and cool and I had nostalgia galore. It was glorious. Just me on the pavement with the smell of damp earth and bonfire. I didn’t go far, but I didn’t have to. My legs and lungs were nearly giving out anyway. I ran about a mile, down and around and back. I ran much more than normal of it, pushing myself hard, knowing that it would be 3 long months till I could do it again.

And I loved every second of it.


3 thoughts on “Night Running

  1. Jana H. says:

    The wordy stuff was good…it was all that talk of RUNNING that wore me out. hahaha

    Glad you made it through in fine form and have such a studly nurse to tend to you. 😉

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