Branson, again…

I know, the fireman and I were just at Branson, like 3 months ago. It’s a problem, really.

Not really. We really love it there. We took the kiddos this time, even though we were going to leave it as OUR place. That’s ok. We didn’t take them to Big Cedar….that’s still OURS… 😉

We stayed at The Chateau. It’s super fancy. We loved it. We also got a really good price on it!

Ooh, there’s our hotel.

We were exicted. No, I was super excited. They were too, but they weren’t taking pictures…

Here’s the place from the marina. We really wanted to rent a boat, or take out a canoe/kayak, but it was super cold. It rained the whole drive down. But that’s kind of okay. We really love the seasons and I liked the spitting rain and cold weather. Especially after such a warm summer. It was exciting.

I had to take a fun photo. This is our room. There was a sink with a mirror to the left and the bathroom was down the hall by the door. That was nice cause I could do my hair while others were using the restroom, or brush my teeth, or whatever. We also had a little balcony, which had a nice view of the marina and mountains.

We stopped at a candy store on the way there, somewhere mid Missouri. The kids filled a bag of candies, plus each got wax fangs. They were super cool. 🙂

We Rode The Ducks. It’s an aquatic vehicle, made by the military. They drive straight into the lake, which splashes and is super cool, BTW, and then they let anyone that wants to take the wheel and have fun. They both got turns, but I like this one of the both of them…

We used the nice hotel pool, it had a great hot tub, that the kids got to use, too.

We went down to the hotel’s Sweet Shoppe both nights for ice cream/smoothies/coffee/sweets. The fireman and I bought these dinner plate sized cinnamon rolls and sticky buns and milk and let the kids take them to the hotel room and went to the library lounge for a glass of wine by the fireplace. They had a pianist playing Billy Joel songs. I felt like I was in Pretty Woman. Except for the whole hooker thing….

This is a cool photo….of a rock…..and a coupla cute kids.

It’s pretty! Are you sick of photos yet? I just loved it. I took a lot of photos. Can you tell? This one is from the parking lot at the hotel. It’s on a big hill. Makes it look more statuesque, too. Totally works.

We ate at fun diner places and had a big breakfast buffet at Shoney’s, which we don’t have at home. One place was an old farmhouse in the historical district, converted to a restaurant. The fireman got the all you can eat catfish….and ate 6 filets. I’m super serious. I got the best country fried steak I’ve ever had, hand dipped.

On the way home, we stopped at a lot of antique stores and gift shops and had fun rummaging around.

OMG, is he cute or what?

And the arch, on the way home. I got a better photo on my other camera, but I’m being lazy tonight and not downloading that photo. It’s the only one on that camera…

Sorry, we got home at 8:45pm last night and only had time to unpack, shower and go to bed. So, I got my laundry done tonight and am tired! If it turns out as good as I thought it was I’ll bore you with it tomorrow.

I’m good at that…..

So, that was our fun time. The highlight of the trip?

According to the boy, shopping on the Landing (historical district downtown), according to the girl, the candy store, according to the fireman, seeing the MASH vehicle on Ride The Ducks, the real one from the show, according to me, the hotel and the sweet shop’s dinner plate sized rolls. OMG


2 thoughts on “Branson, again…

  1. Jana H. says:

    Awe man, I miss Shoney’s. We used to have one near here and the breakfast buffet was to die for. Sadly, there are no Shoney’s to be found anywhere around here anymore. *sob* lol

    Glad ya’ll had a blast. Love all the pics.:)

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