Road Trip

I’m heading back out to Branson, folks. I know, we were just there in July.

Well, the hubby and I were just there in July. This time, we’re taking the kiddos. Well, the girl and the youngest boy. The middle boy has to work and I honestly don’t think he’s interested.

I know, what’s up with the no recipe, no pictures?

I have given my blog a lot of thought lately. I just am too busy right at the moment to blog like I was. I’m not saying I’ll never post recipes or photos, but I really enjoyed it more when I just talked. So, that’s what I am going to do. I will add what I want, when I want. Even if it’s small.

Hopefully, it’ll still be enjoyable. It’ll certainly be more enjoyable to me, than to have pressure to do this. It was turning into work. Yuck.

Obviously, it took the enthusiasm out of it for me. So, I’m not sure how long the change will last, but you know how life is.

It changes. It’s one of my absolutely favorite things about life.

By the way, have you noticed how it’s gone and turned fall? I LOVE FALL! I could scream I’m so happy about it.

My driveway is full of crunchy leaves and I may be one of the few people I know that decidedly does NOT rake my yard. I LOVE THE LEAVES! They smell wonderful and they look beautiful. And anytime I have my windows open, even when it’s chilly at night, it makes me happy. The smell and breeze from outside just elicits a happy response in me. Dunno why. I can’t explain it and don’t need to!

So, tomorrow morning, we’re getting up early. The kids aren’t going to school. It’s a half day anyway, homecoming parade and all. Then, we’re packing the jeep up and heading out. It’s gonna be great! It’s only about 6 hours away, so a nice road trip and two nights at the Chateau. It’s a big fancy shmanchy hotel in Branson. It’s not that pricy, but it is big and fun. There are boats for rent, which we may do, or maybe just canoes/kayaks. I just want to be outside and enjoy this fall!

ALso, I want to enjoy the beautiful lake and walk and drink coffee and eat lovely food. I want to take lots of fall photos and post them here and bore all of you with them.

I want to be silly and have fun and not think about work, which is a lot easier now with my new lovely job! Which I still love by the way.

Oh yeah, I also want to see the kiddos have fun. That’s one of the best things as well. How great is it that we can do this with/for them? So, I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I intend to enjoy mine.

I also intend to come back and chat more, now that the pressures off yanno? 😉 Yes, Jana, that’s your phrase. I totes stole it….

P.s. I gotta remember to tell you all about my new book club. It’s so much fun! I just finished reading my first book. Next week is our next meeting. I’ll come back and tell you all about it.

Oh, and I’m working on another painting. I’ll have to take pics soon….



2 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Jana H. says:

    Phrase thief! haha

    Actually, I think I stole it from somewhere to begin with. Oopsies! 😉

    Girl, I love the wordy posts. And, yanno, the beauty of having a blog is that it’s YOURS and you can make it whatever your heart desires. I know it’s easy to get sucked in thinking “I should do this.” or “If I do that, I’ll get more readers.” I tried that for a while. I really, really wanted to be a shelter blog like Young House Love but yanno what? I’m not as enthusiastic about DIY as they are and I don’t have the kind of money and energy it requires. And I, like you, discovered that blogging’s a lot more fun and a lot less like WERK when you’re blogging about what really matters to you. So. Welcome back to blogging, my friend. Recipes or not, I always look forward to hearing from you.

    Now. All that said…Have a great trip to Branson. Hope ya’ll have tons of fun and all the fall leaves you can stand. 😀

    • JenMarie's Cafe says:

      haha! We DID have so many leaves! It was loads of fun.

      I will have photos, I haven’t had time to upload them all yet, but I got some great ones of the kids. Our room was super nice and we got to stay at a fancy type place for a really great price.

      Oh, nevermind. I took the time to upload them…. I’m crazy.

      Stay tuned for a post…

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