A Little Green Swirl

6 months or so ago, I was reading a book that my neighbor lent me, Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown.  Good book, by the way. Different from most books, but in a good way. I kind of enjoy something different now and again. Anyway, the cover of the book had this cool swirly, viney, leafy thing. I’ll post a picture below of it. I liked it so much, and thought I could do something with it, but didn’t know what. So, I took a picture of the cover and threw it in with my ‘painting inspiration’ folder.

Yeah, I’m weird like that. Not naturally creative.

Anyway, so there it sat for months. One day I was standing looking at my wall mural and I glanced over at my grocery list. It’s one that I got from my mom a long time ago, it’s made of wood and has wing nuts holding a stack of papers for lists. It’s nice cause you can use any paper you have. I was thinking I could do something with it, and then I remembered my picture of the book and BINGO!

So, one evening I sat down and got out my green colors. I used two different greens, and went back and forth between them at times to give it depth, pulling the other color in to blend.

I thought I’d need to pencil in the picture first, but I ended up free handing it. It was easier than I thought it’d be. I took the picture over the edges, to give it a more real look.

I put the vines on two different sides, coming together somewhat, then back out. I wanted them to be go under the paper, not just in the blank space.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to rotate this picture… Sorry.

Then, on a last note, I added an ‘S’ for our last name on the pencil holder. I used a touch of white to highlight the right sides.

And there you have it!

PS. I have my lap top and am *mostly* caught up on my internet life. I still have to bookmark all my favorite blogs, and get caught up on all of them. *ugh*

That’s just gonna make me bake…..and gain a few pounds.



4 thoughts on “A Little Green Swirl

  1. Jana H. says:

    Hey, I agree. You’re super creative. Not everyone looks at a book cover and thinks, “Idea!” Or, “I can do that somewhere!” That’s a creative talent so don’t sell yourself short. 🙂 Plus, awesome job on freehanded vines! Looks great. I love how they frame the notepad.

    Glad you’re officially back on-line. Can’t wait to gain a few baking pounds with you. haha

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