A Big Cedar Anniversary

This is about two weeks ago, but I wanted to save it for today, because it’s my anniversary! The fireman and I have been happily married for 3 whole years. I know, it seems like it’s been longer than that. But I can definitely say that I’m happy about all of it. What a good life I have!

My last day at the airport was really nice, they ordered in lunch and got a big cake for me and another girl that is leaving around the same time as me.

I don’t normally eat cake, but I made an exception. ūüôā

Then, I went home ¬†and packed, because the fireman and I left the next morning on our anniversary getaway. I figured, since I had a little time before my new job started, I’d take the opportunity to get away with him for our anniversary. Our anniversary isn’t until August 1st, but who knows what’s going on then. Kids, you know.

We drove through St. Louis. Every time I see the arches, it thrills me. I don’t live that far away, but still. They’re just so spellbinding.

I think¬†it’s because¬†when I was¬†a Freshman in high school, I¬†lived in Missouri. I was also a band geek and got to play in a¬†band competition at the St. Louis¬†stadium.¬†The arch overlooks it and playing¬†in that field, with all those talented people, seeing the arch over the top of the stadium, was one of the coolest things I ever did as a¬†kid.

Big Cedar Lodge is just south of Branson, we went there on our anniversary. Last time, we stayed in a little cabin, it was romantic and sweet. And right across from the Buzzard Bar, so we could walk back if we celebrated a little too much.

This time, we stayed in the Falls Lodge,¬†which is like a fancy hotel stretch.¬†But it’s so very¬†beautiful.

The whole place¬†is a resort, but kinda lodge-like. It has two restaurants, the bar, a cafe, a¬†marina, stables, a gift shop, a spa, arcade gameroom and fitness center. I¬†think that’s all. Plus it’s near a¬†large park that has¬†jeep tours and¬†hiking/biking¬†trails. Neat place.

There were two beds, and a beautiful balcony off the back.

That window is from the jacuzzi tub.¬†The¬†window is there so that you can watch the tv while you’re lounging.

The tv was in here. I know. we’re¬†totally not that fancy. So, it was really fun to¬†have it. We giggled seeing it all. The¬†little fridge next to the tv was seriously handy, though.

I mean, check¬†out this bathroom! There’s a separate shower to the left after the tub¬†with a large bench and a window between the shower and tub probably for the tv as well.¬†The toilet is in it’s own little room to the far right. Seriously cool.

Through those doors was our own private balcony with partitioned walls so to give us privacy. There were two rocking chairs, a small table and a pretty Big Cedar railing. Like these.

The only picture I have of our railing was too dark to post.

We spent the mornings out there with our coffee, it was wonderful and peaceful.

We went out on the lake and grabbed one of the free paddle boats. They also have paddle boards and kayaks and canoes complimentary. You can rent a boat if you want to run around or fish.

We went to Table Rock Lake and walked down the walkway to the small beach. This was the viewing areas around the dam. It was huge and really neat.

¬†The dam is behind me, but you can’t reeally see it.

We found a neat Mexican restaurant. That close to Arkansas, we knew we’d find some yummy Mexican food.

We did. Oh, and margaritas…

On our honeymoon, we went to Silver Dollar City for the day and ended up eating at this local rib place called Charlie’s. Unfortunately, because of a recent tornado storms in the area, a lot of places in Branson got knocked down. Charlie’s was one of them, so we had to find another rib joint.

We ended up going to the Rib Crib, which is a chain, and we normally try to find local restaurants, but it was late and Branson closes up early. The Rib Crib ended up being really good, though!
We shopped around in the historical downtown area of Branson and went to the Landing. We hadn’t found it last time we were here and was pleasantly surprised. It was a really cool outdoor mall with fun shops, a hot sauce shop, candy shops, etc… There was a main center area with dancing water, like at the Bellagio in Vegas, but no where near as cool.

There was even bursts of fire between the water shoots. Set to music and pretty cool!

We found a fun¬†Irish bar called Waxy’s¬†Irish Pub & Grill and had to stop in for a quick pint.

 There was cool artwork on the walls.

That night, we opened up my favorite champaigne that the wine lady, Rose at our local Kroger just made me get. She always gives us good recommendations and remembers what kind of wines we like. This is what she recommended to take on our honeymoon and when she heard we were going back for our anniversary, she made me buy a bottle to take with us. It’s Saint Hilaire, from France. Not terribly pricey, but oh so good.

We ordered pizza in, and used the room tumblers for the wine, because we didn’t have any¬†champaigne glasses.

Then we soaked in the jacuzzi tub and watched the Fifth Element and giggled at our ‘posh’ little lifestyle here. Pizza, champaigne and a jacuzzi. Not too shabby for an anniversary.

Especially cause I got to take a picture of¬†a big metal chicken on the way home. But it was a¬†Chicken El Camino. ¬†Any of you Bloggess.com fans will appreciate it…


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