Homemade Canned Applesauce

I picked these apples, made the applesauce and canned them. Love that.

These were those Lodi apples that I mentioned a couple of days ago. My sister, Mom and I picked these from my grandma’s orrchard. They are summer apples and come into season in July and August.

That’s my sis below grinning at me.

They’re Lodi apples, a tart yellow/green apple that is ripe from July-August. They’re soft when cooked, so they make an amazing applesauce. They’re pretty good for pies and crisps as well, but their applesauce is amazing!

I brought a large box of Lodi apples home with me and got the help of the fireman and the youngest boy to help peel and core them.

Then, they were off to a large pot with some water and boiled down to sauce. I left them a little chunky, using a potato masher to chop them up. You could run them through a blender if you’d prefer a smoother applesauce.

Then, I added sweetener to taste. I didn’t add any cinnamon because I prefer mine without. I can always add cinnamon to my bowl if I choose to.

I prefer my applesauce hot, personally. It’s like a little apple pie in a bowl. You can even top with a little ice cream. Or vice versa, ice cream with hot applesauce topping. Oh, my! Now I’m just getting crazy.

I used a water bath canner. Boiled the jars and lids in hot water after washing in sudsy water. I used new seals, washed in sudsy water. We ladeled the applesauce into the jars with the help of a wide mouthed canning funnel. Only fill within a 1/2 inch of the top.

And the help of a teenage boy.

Then, we wiped the mouths of the jars with a wet cloth to ensure the seal, sealed them up and popped into the water bath canner. The level of the water needs to be over the top of the jars by about an inch.

Check online to find out how long to boil yours, depending on your height above sea level, you boil anywhere from 15-25 minutes to ensure the bacteria is gone and the the pressure to properly seal the jar.

Then, let rest until they come to room temperature. I got almost 6 full pints. The one that didn’t fill all the way wasn’t put into the canner, but put straight into the fridge after it cooled.


The Recipe:


25 apples (I used Lodi apples)
2 cups water
1/3 cup sweetener or sugar(I used Ideal brand sweetener) (measure by taste)
2 Tbl cinnamon (optional)
Peel and core apples, lightly chopping them into large chunks. Add apples and water to a large stockpot or beanpot. Bring to a boil and cook for about 15-20 minutes, depending on how soft the apple is. Once they’re soft, either use a potato masher to break into chunks or use an immersion lender to puree. Add sweetener or sugar by taste, use my suggestion as just that. Add cinnamon, if desired. Can or store in the fridge for up to a week. Serve hot or cold.

Go to the National Center for Home Food Preservation http://nchfp.uga.edu/how/can_02/applesauce.html for more detailed canning instructions.

Gotta be safe, yanno.


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