Picking Peaches

From the tree to the table.

When I visited my mom and dad this last week, my sister and her kiddo’s were visiting from the south. It’s so nice to have the time off and visit with them, all together like that. I was able to stay a good few days and just hang out.

Luckily, my mom’s peaches were in season. They don’t produce heavily every year, but this year, they were wonderful!

My mom and I moved ladders around and were up in the trees for quite some time. We filled buckets and tasted the juicy peaches as we picked. My hands were sticky and we both smelled amazing.

I took home 2 large boxes of peaches.

Then, we made s’mores with the kids on the outdoor grill. That was fun.

and messy.

However, as much as the kids enjoyed them.

and they did…

boy did they ever…

I still think my sister and I enjoyed them most of all. The kids each ate theirs and were off in the tent that my dad had set up for them to play in.

Tents are more fun than chocolate? When did that happen?!?!

At least my sis and I have our priorities right.

Then we took an evening ride in the ol’ dunebuggy.

Of which my sis and I both got to drive as well…my first successful drive of a stick-shift. You’d think that knowing how to ride a motorcycle and shifting that would make it super easy, not so much. But this went pretty well! Fun stuff, too.

We stopped by my grandma’s house and picked some of her apples, too. Mom and Grandma both have nice little orchards. I hope to have one someday as well. She has a summer apple that’s in season, but I’ll post more about those later.

Some of the peaches were a little buggy, so when I got home, I went through them and sorted out those and the very ripe ones. Some of the nice, ripe ones went in the crisper drawer for eating, and I put up the rest of them.

I sat down with two bowls and a knife, peeled and cut the fruit off the stone. They weren’t cling free, unfortunately. I ended up with peach juice running down my arms and a cramped hand. I had to do it in two sittings.

I set the rest of the peaches out for a couple of days to ripen up, and luckily the fireman was home when it was time to put the rest of them up. The youngest boy helped, too.

Then, I sprinkled them with just a little sugar, just enough to keep them from turning brown. You can’t use sweetener, as it’s not a natural preservative like sugar or salt.

And salt would be gross.

All in all, we ended up with 5 large ziploc bags full of cut peaches.

I froze them in layers and tried to keep some of the layers thinner, so that I can break off chunks to go on my fluffy omelet, or on ice cream.

Or just mixed up with some cool whip.


2 thoughts on “Picking Peaches

  1. Jana H. says:

    Yum! I love peaches.

    Glad you had fun with your folks. I’m with you and your sis on the s’mores, too. Chocolate is WAY more important than tents! 😉

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