A Big Cedar Anniversary

This is about two weeks ago, but I wanted to save it for today, because it’s my anniversary! The fireman and I have been happily married for 3 whole years. I know, it seems like it’s been longer than that. But I can definitely say that I’m happy about all of it. What a good life I have!

My last day at the airport was really nice, they ordered in lunch and got a big cake for me and another girl that is leaving around the same time as me.

I don’t normally eat cake, but I made an exception. 🙂

Then, I went home  and packed, because the fireman and I left the next morning on our anniversary getaway. I figured, since I had a little time before my new job started, I’d take the opportunity to get away with him for our anniversary. Our anniversary isn’t until August 1st, but who knows what’s going on then. Kids, you know.

We drove through St. Louis. Every time I see the arches, it thrills me. I don’t live that far away, but still. They’re just so spellbinding.

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Apple Crisp

While we cut the apples up for the applesauce, we filled a 9×9 pan with cut apple slices as well.

I had plans for an apple crisp.

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Picking Peaches

From the tree to the table.

When I visited my mom and dad this last week, my sister and her kiddo’s were visiting from the south. It’s so nice to have the time off and visit with them, all together like that. I was able to stay a good few days and just hang out.

Luckily, my mom’s peaches were in season. They don’t produce heavily every year, but this year, they were wonderful!

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Taco Seasoning Mix

Mexican food is like the holy grail of food, in my book at least. I love it. I love the heat, the layering of flavors, the chips….

Oh, the chips….

And fried tortillas? Don’t even get me started.

Well, a while back I was searching the pantry for a taco seasoning packet and found that we were out. Danger! Catastrophe!

Then I realized,  hey it’s just a bunch of seasonings mixed together. Surely, I can figure this out!

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So, the fireman and I went on vacation together. We went to Big Cedar, just south of Branson, MO. On our way back, we got a late meal at Applebee’s. You know how they have half priced appetizers after 9pm? That was our meal. We ordered, like 5 of them. That’s just how we roll. We got queso dip, spinach artichoke dip, 2 orders of sliders (main course, ya’ll), and the wonton tacos *swoon*.  They said, that’s fine, but you do have to order something other than water to get the half price appetizers. The firemans all well, I think we can do that!

So, he orders sangria. He’d never had it.

I ordered a beer. I just didn’t want anything sweet.

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