Iced Coffee with Coffee Concentrate

During the summer, I really enjoy light drinks. I want something that’s not so heavy or sweet that it overwhelms me. I like adding only a tiny bit of Crystal Light to ice water and I like nice cold, unsweetened ice coffee.

Now, you could totally make this lavish. You could add heavy cream or sweetened condensed milk. You could add your favorite creamer. But my favorite way is plenty of milk, unsweetened or lightly sweetened, mid strength on the coffee and iced cold. Sometimes I add a little Hershey’s syrup.

But the best part is that you can make it however you want with the coffee concentrate.

I got the idea from The Pioneer Woman . I’m not sure if the measurements are the same as hers, though because she uses a while pound of coffee. I don’t drink it enough for that. I use a quart jar.

But I did use her method. I’m sure it was around before her, but that’s where I found it. You can’t brew coffee and refridgerate it without it becoming overly acid and harsh. So, you cold brew it. Or rather counter brew it. But that sounds counter-productive. Hardy har.

I use three large tablespoons of medium/dark coffee grounds. Put this in a quart jar and fill with water.

I know these directions are difficult, filled with culinary technique and skill.


Let this sit on your counter overnight. When you walk by it, give it a shake, turn it and shake it and set it down. Do a little dance, sing a little song. Whatever floats your boat.

The next day you won’t even see all those coffee granules floating on top, they’ll be so good and mixed up.

Mine ended up sitting for a full 24 hour hours, no big deal. Then, pour over a strainer into another large cup. If you don’t have a fine strainer like this, you can use cheese cloth. You can actually use a coffee filter, but it’ll take forever to strain it, so unless you want to set the coffee filter in a collander over a large bowl and let it sit, find something else.

Clean out any remaining coffee granules and rinse your quart jar well.

Then, pour the coffee concentrate back into the quart jar, put a lid on it, and stick it in the fridgerator so that it’s nice and cold when you’re ready to use it. Fancy, fancy.

There you have the coffee concentrate.

Now, there’s two ways to use this. You can make a proper iced coffee with tons of ice, 1/2 full of coffee concentrate, then top with sugar/sweetener and milk. Like I said, make this as decadent as you want.

The other way I like to do it is with a good amount of ice, just a good glug (2-3 Tbl) of coffee concentrate, a shot of milk and fill the rest with water. The coffee concentrate is strong, so it makes it more like an appertif, or a refreshing appetite exciter. Or rather, it makes me feel like I’ve had a light snack without all the guilt.

It’s also very good as the coffee portion for the Mocha Protein Frappe.


The Recipe:

Coffee Concentrate:

3 large Tbl strong coffee
1 qt water
-Let sit overnight, shaking occasionally. Strain and store in fridge for up to 30 days.

Iced Coffee

Fill glass halfway full of ice, pour in half a glass full of coffee concentrate, add sweetener (or flavored creamer, or sweetened condensed milk, fill remainder with milk or heavy cream. Stir.

Iced Coffee – Light refreshing version

Fill glass halfway full of ice, fill glass 1/3 full with coffee concentrate, add 3-4 Tbl milk (1%), top with water. Stir.

 Play around and find which ratios you like best. They are just for beginner directions, the coffee concentrate is the star here.


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