A Boy’s Birthday

The youngest boy had a birthday a while back. We ended up celebrating in stages, like we did for the girl.

When my parents visited last, we wanted to do a small celebration for them, since they wouldn’t be back again until after his birthday. He didn’t want cake, we had just had cake for the girl’s birthday. He didn’t want pie. He didn’t really want any dessert. He wanted fruit. Yeah!

So, I bought him bananas, a cantaloupe *muskmelon depending on where you live*, bing cherries and strawberries. Cantaloupe’s are his all-time favorite fruit in the world. I figured since he doesn’t have a cake, i’d get him a loaf angel food cake and he could eat his fruit on it. He thought that was fabulous!

Isn’t he cute? His haircuts all high ‘n tight. It’s a military-style cut that he likes to keep in the summertime. It’s cooler and he dreams of the military. He just does. We ended up getting him a really cool bb handgun for his present. He plans on joining probably the Air Force when he’s done with high school. Maybe ROTC, to become an officer. As a daughter of a retired Air Force Major, I grew up on military bases and encourage him whole-heartedly. The fireman was in the reserves with the Army for several years before he was a fireman and he has great memories as well. He’s interested in being an engineer or being a medic/Doctor.

Then, when it was his actual birthday, or really the weekend of, we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings. The boy loves him some spicy food, especially wings… He had his friend over, showing off his new bb gun. So, he came with us.

We each got wings, plus a basket of fries and a basket of buffalo chips (round potato chip shaped fries). The hubby and I enjoyed a beer apiece.

What is it with wings and beer? They just go together.

 The fireman told our waitress that it was the youngest’s birthday and to embarass him as much as humanly possible. Unfortunately, they didn’t go all out, but they did bring him a birthday ice cream with caramel topping.

I think he liked it.

The last thing part of this story, is that I paid a pilot friend of mine to take him up in this little 150 for a flight. A 150 is like a trainer aircraft. It’s a two seater and one of the smallest aircrafts available, with the exception of gliders, LSA’s and experimental aircraft. Since I work at an FBO (the private side of the airport) I know a lot of people who have pilots license. These guys need to get hours flying, and they’re paying to use different plane’s to get flight time anyway. So, if you offer them a little money for fuel, they’ll be more than happy to take you for a flight, generally.

See how excited he is? He’s trying to be cool and not grin all over the place. He did, however tell one of the ladies at the front desk that he has the coolest parents. Ever.


The pilot let him take off and help land. Seriously. They were up for over an hour and did 3 touch and go’s before they actually landed. He was grinning so hard when they came in.

I think I did good….


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