Father’s Day weekend 2012

I know I’ve been a little MIA lately. I’ve got some new irons in the fire that I’ll be able to talk about hopefully by the end of the week. Some fun changes for me.

This last weekend was fun and busy. I went out for drinks with a friend and her other friends for her birthday last Friday, then stayed up seriously late listening to a book on cd while surfing the web. My fireman was working and the kids were gone. I really know how to party, don’t I?

We also went out for the youngest boy’s birthday, but I will post about that later.

Our bedroom looks different as well. The fireman and I rearranged our entire bedroom. We moved the bedroom to a different wall and shifted everything. It looks really amazing. The whole feel of the room is different now. We need to find a narrow side table for my side of the bed. I have it about a foot from the wall, to walk between, but need a small table to set my alarm, phone and a bottle of lotion. I’m thinking maybe a phone table or even a narrow, short cube-like bookcase of some sort. We’ll see.

Happy Father’s Day, my favorite Fireman!

For Father’s Day, the fireman asked that I make my homemade pizzas. But instead of making 3 large pizza crusts, he wanted to have smaller, different topping pizzas. So, I made the 3 large crusts recipe, but rolled them into 5 smaller crusts.

We also picked up some Moose Tracks ice cream and cookie dough ice cream. I picked out a Bunny Tracks ice cream for myself to try. He also had been wanting a cherry pie, but since I was making pizza, we picked up a frozen Marie Callendar’s cherry pie. Those are the best frozen pie’s. Ever.

Did I mention that we were planning on starting a new phase of our diet to rid ourselves of an additional 5-10 pounds, just to tighten up some. We have been a little lax (while I was at my sister’s) and the fireman just wants to push himself a little harder. So, we figured, we’d might as well go with a bang.

These were the first three that came out of the oven. We had a meat only pizza, piled high with pepperoni, ground hamburger and crispy fried ham. The second was a supreme, with hamburger, ham, bell peppers and onions. The third had was a supreme variation with only hamburger, pepperoni and bell pepper.

The last two were crispy fried ham, pepperoni and pineapple. It’s my homage to the Hungry Howie’s Howie Maui pizza that I love from Florida. *the one I went to with my sister and went crazy over*. And finally, Dad’s Pizza, the fireman calls it that cause he loads it with anchovies *ewe*, hamburger, ham, bell peppers, onions, olives and anything else he can think of.

This is all that was left after the carnivores devoured it.

Yes, those are little notes on the counter. Why, do you ask? Cause I’m a type A personality and wrote the toppings down on little notes by the pizza so that everyone would know which pizza was which.

I’m strange. I know.

Leftover pizza like this is really great to have on hand. Especially if you have teenagers in the house. Seriously especially if those teenagers happen to be of the male variety.

It was a really fun Father’s Day. I bought my hubby this.

 The Cocky belt buckle from the tv show Bones. We always watch it together. Now he can be like Booth….

He liked it.

Then we settled down to bowls full of each kind of ice cream; we had to try them all, with toppings, of course. Then, the pie. And I think we ate half the pie…

It was gooood.


4 thoughts on “Father’s Day weekend 2012

  1. Jana H. says:

    Sounds like an excellent celebration. 🙂 Man, that pizza looks good. I’m planning on making a couple of pizzas with the oldest niece when she comes to stay with me next week. Gotta teach her young how to make her own pizza so she’ll never starve.

    What’s that old saying? Give a girl a pizza and she’ll eat for a day but teach a girl how to MAKE pizza and she’ll never go hungry. That’s how the old saying goes, right? hehehe

    As for the bedside table, I don’t know how crazy you wanna get, but I’ve seen some folks use those floating shelves next to the bed instead of actual tables. Lowe’s has them in white and black and I think they make a short one that’s about a foot long. Just tossing that out there as an option. 😉

  2. JenMarie's Cafe says:

    You know, I HAVE thought about the floating shelves. Cause, I could even do two shelves on each side, extra space for a stack of books or whatever. Only thing, is I hate to put holes in the wall if we ever want to move the room around again…so I don’t know about it. I like the idea of not having things on the floor to sweep around, though.

    BTW, yeah, I think that’s the way that saying goes… at least that’s the way it SHOULD go… 😉

  3. Jana H. says:

    Spackle, my friend. haha

    Nah, I totally get what you’re saying about the holes. I’m hesitant about shelving, too, because I like to switch things around so much. Or what if you hated it or it just didn’t work out? Then you have all the extra work of repairing the holes. Yeah, I get it. 😉

    Back in the ol’ “Trading Spaces” days (you ever watch that?), I’ll bet SOMEBODY on that show would have hung some shelves from the ceiling. They did that with a BED one time. A swinging bed in the middle of the room. Swinging shelves would almost be too tame. LOL

  4. JenMarie's Cafe says:

    LOL! Spackle, yes, I know… actually it’d have to be plaster for our walls, but similar.
    I know, Trading Spaces was weird. Swinging bed? *wide eyes* There were times when I thought I’d be soooo mad if I came home to that room.
    I’ll have to post about it when we get something picked out. 🙂

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