Butterfly Birthday Cake

This week, my little girl turned 9. This is the very last year she will be in single digits. This all makes me feel very old. However, I am very proud of how my girl has grown up. She’s fun and bright and we just have a blast together.

Since she’s in Florida with her dad, we had her birthday party a couple of weeks ago, right after school ended. I thought it’d be cheaper to have a few girls for a spa/slumber party instead of a party at our skating rink or local pool/gym. I was wrong. By the time I paid for decorations and giftbags, plus the pizza we  had paid as much as as a party package. But they all had fun.

Me? I had a room full of screaming 7 year olds, like ALL NIGHT. *insert headache and sleepless night*

I had meant to only have 3-4 girls, but by the time we finished everything, I had allowed her to add someone else and someone else a few too many times. That many girls and they split into two groups. Then there’s bickering and hurt feelings, etc… I could go on for a while.

We decorated the basement with streamers and a sign.Then, we set up our laundry-folding table at the end of the room (to the left).

Cute! The little gift bags had little manicure sets, mirrors/hair brush sets, some candy and hair clips/ties and a tiny nail polish.

I ordered Pizza Hut pizza, the Cheese Bites pizza and a $10 Pizza Box, a medium supreme plus an extra order of cinnamon breadsticks.

While they were eating their pizza, I snuck upstairs to bake brownies for dessert and eat my pizza in relative peace. Let me tell you I was escaping the insaneness of young girls.

Here’s her birthday brownie with Monster High candles. I think she’s showing off her manicure, too. Can’t be sure.

I cut squares of brownie, topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, hot fudge and sprinkles. It was really pretty if I do say so myself.

 Then, they unwrapped presents.

And I got them all settled down for a spa party. I brought out towels and warm water in foot baths (plastic tubs with fragranced oil). They soaked their feet for a while and watched the Disney channel. Then, when they were done soaking, they used some of my good smelling lotions and painted each others nails.

Then things got really wild and they turned on music and had a dance party.

I escaped upstairs.

 I baked this confetti cake in two round pans. We were having another party the next day, with my parents coming down to visit. This was a family party, with a proper cake. She wanted it to be a butterfly cake. I had made one when she turned 4 and she still remembers it. It’s one of the easier cakes I’ve ever made, but she remembers it as being one of her favorite. Kids are weird.

Also, I have to note that my husband is a very lucky man. I scheduled this girl party when he was at work because he and the youngest boy would be gone. I had already warned the middle boy about the party and while he worked that evening, he made plans to stay the night elsewhere. The boy’s rooms are downstairs, directly off the family room = insane noise. I am a smart woman.

Back to the cake. I had iced between the layers, then popped in the fridge for 30 minutes or more to set it. It also helps with the crumbs when icing.

Then, I cut it in half and split the halfs, like so.

And iced the whole shebang. I left a gap in the middle for the body. Last time, I used white frosting and lots of colored candy. This time, she asked for pink.

Then, I decorated with candy!

The time before, I used fruit loops, peachy o’s and I think jelly beans. This time twizzlers, peachy o’s and m&m’s. Then I yelled at the girls cause they were trying to come upstairs and play hide and go seek and got into arguments and were hiding from each other. Then I stuck this in the fridge and hoped no fingers got into it overnight. I sat up chatting with middle boy until he got his plans and left for the night. Then, I yelled at the girls again and told them they didn’t have to go to sleep, but they had to lay on their sleeping bags and could watch tv and chat a bit if they wanted to. I really thought they’d just pass out at some point. I mean, it was 1am.

I am so naive.

4am and I wake up to hear giggling and music and yelling and dancing.

4:05am and I bust downstairs in my robe and eyeglasses yelling at them that they’re done and lights are out.

7am hubby gets home, crawls into bed, I grunt, say you owe me and go back to sleep.

9am I get up because parents are coming between 10am and 11am to get the kids and I didn’t want to still look crazy.

10:15am, some of the girls’ parents start to show up and I get to wake them up and pack them up and send them home. We had two girls stay till noon, but they’re mom had already planned that. I was able to get the rest of the girls out so that I only had to cook breakfast for the two girls and mine. I made waffles, scrambled eggs and chocolate milk. Lined them up at the table.

My parents showed up around 1pm, so I had had time to clean up and take a nap. Then, we had another party!

I lined up York peppermint patties down the center and used some Twizzler pull-n-peels for antenae. Last time, I used Oreos and while they work better, they just get soft. But if you wait till the last second, like I did, they probably would be fine. I was worried about the mint flavor taking over the cake, that’s why I added it right before serving. Just stack them tall, taller than I did. I think I stuck a fruit loop in the center of each last time, too. It was pretty.

Us with her best little friend from across the street.

My parents with the girl and her presents. We had bought her an electric scooter, found used on Craigslist a few weeks prior and that was her birthday present from us. We wanted her to have plenty of time to play with it before she left for her dad’s. She likes to park it next to my bike and calls it her motorcycle. hehe

But this cake? It was gooooood.


10 thoughts on “Butterfly Birthday Cake

  1. Jana H. says:

    You should be nominated for sainthood or something. All those giggly girls! LOL Glad she had a great party, though, and seriously glad you survived it in one piece! hehehe

    Adorbs, cake. Cute idea. 🙂 Now I want some York patties, though. hehehe

  2. JenMarie's Cafe says:

    I know, all that leftover candy? Totally got into it after the cake was cut.
    That night will forever be remembered with a headache. I’m really glad she had fun, though. Makes it *sorta* worth it. 🙂

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