Snapshots from Georgia/Florida

I tried to chronicle this vacation in food for you all, because man did I eat some good food. But I wasn’t able to get photos of all of the food I ate. I will share what I can, though.

I will warn you. I did not eat like normal. I ate like a woman on a vacation, with zest and vigor! LOL

The very first thing I ate was 2 packets of Biscoff cookies. I know Biscoff spread is all the rage right now, but the original cookie form will always be my favorite. And the only place I’ve ever had them was on airplane flights. So, go Delta! Anyway, the girl and I both got extra cookies cause we oohed and aahed over them. *fist pump*

Then we had to walk/ride shuttles 50 minutes to the car rental center in Atlanta airport.

We used these speed walkers whenever possible.

 Finally, our car! We got a Chevy Cruze, which got great gas mileage and was just plain fun to drive. I pricelined the car and got it for $14 a day. Yeah!

We passed Fort Benning, with these cool statues and lots of flags. I really love American History like this. It was beautiful and meaningful. But, my dad was Air Force, so I’m a little patriotic by birthright.

I really loved the Spanish Moss we saw growing all over southern Georgia. I know it has red bugs, blah, blah, but it’s still gorgeous! You could really see the scenery change as you drove south. The girl and I rocked on some music.

When we got to my sister’s, she was attempting to bake the Pie That Wouldn’t Brown. She baked this sucker a half an hour over the regular cooking time, and still it wouldn’t brown, even with a milk bath. It was destined for paleness. I think it was related to me….  It was still tasty, though.

She made me the most wonderful, large hamburger patty. I covered it in lettuce, tomato and ketchup. I went sans buns, because I was still deluding myself into thinking I would eat healthily. Then, I ate a baked potato, moaned and ate a biscuit. She had this really great broccoli salad. It was cut up broccoli and cauliflower flowers and pieces, then she used the Marie Callendar’s coleslaw dressing. I was surprised at how good it was, simple and yummy. I really wish I would have taken a picture of that.

The next day, I attempted to eat healthily again with scrambled eggs. Then, we loaded the kids up and drove out to Seminole Park. We stopped by a grocery store and grabbed mini blueberry muffins and bear claws for breakfast snacks in the car. We also grabbed plates, forks, peanut butter and bread, oh and Dorito’s. So, when we got to the park, we ate peanut butter sandwhiches and Dorito’s. Did I mention that my sister makes the best lunch, ever?! She totally does.

Then my niece stepped on her sandwhich, I reached to grab the pieces so they didn’t get smooshed into the blanket, and she stepped right on the bread. *face palm*

We picniced out to the left of that playground. Lake Seminole has alligators, so we didn’t let the kids get into the water. It was a really pretty park though. If the girl hadn’t gotten so crazy, out of her mind irritated by the constant gnats we probably would have stayed and played for more of the afternoon. Girl has been outa the south too long…

Don’t know if this is visible, but it’s the Chapel on the campgrounds, they have 8:30am services every day. It’s basically an open pavilian with a steeple right on top of it. Cracks me up.

Then, we stopped and did a little birthday shopping for her hubby.

The kids amused theirselves.

For dinner, her mother-in-law brought over a ham, yum! She also had some fresh butter beans from a stand, and we cooked up some green beans fresh from her garden, superb! And…the apple pie.

She bought some sweet Red Moscato wine. In tumbler glasses, that’s how we roll. We sat around, did dishes and chatted. It was wonderful.

The next morning, we packed up the kiddos and headed south for Florida, for the beaches….

The kiddos were so patient in the car. We had animal crackers and Maple Mini Wheats to satisfy them on the long ride. We went bathing suit shopping. My phone broke, on vacation. We finally found our hotel, in the rain. We got unloaded and after driving around looking at the sights a bit, we went to Hungry Howie’s pizza, cause it’s the best in the whole entire world. Especially the Howie Maui.

We got one large Howie Maui pizza (pepperoni, ham and pineapple) with garlic herb crust and a medium Ham & Cheese pizza with buttercheese crust.  That’s part of what makes their pizza so great, they do flavored crusts. They even have a cajun one. The ham is thin crispy strips. It’s extra saucy. I love it! We also ordered cinnamon breadsticks with icing dipping sauce.

Since it was still raining, as in downpour, or deluge, we took the kids to the hotel pool. They were still super excited. Then we went back to the room and finished the pizza off. That’s a lot of pizza for 2 adults and 3 kids. I still can’t believe we ate it all. No, yes I can…

The next day, we packed up, ate breakfast at the hotel. It was crazy busy, and I ate a waffle, a danish, some fluffy egg disk thing and a sausage patty. Again with the carbs. I couldn’t help myself. The waffles were huge and deep. Glorious. Covered in syrup. We had to sit on a couch cause all the tables were full. It took us nearly an hour to get food for everyone because we kept getting food for one kid, then another, and then another, and then one of us, while the other sat with the kids, and then the other of us. Adults were jumping in front of us to get empty tables. Adults with no children. It was a little insane, but we got our bellies full and headed to the beach.

The had finally subsided by that point and we were able to run around on the beach for a good 2 hours.  (above is me, then my sister and my niece).

The kids were seriously excited, and I’m kind of glad that it was overcast. None of us got burnt, but we did still use sunscreen.

Eventually, we got rained out. So, we got rinsed off as much as we could at the pavilian, got dressed, and headed to McDonalds for lunch. We had a car picnic, cause the little one was sleeping. It wasn’t fancy food, but it was certainly yummy after the beach. We also had to get ice cream. I tried the new Rolo McFlurry, which was wonderful, by the way. I really wanted to try the $1 s’mores pie, but resisted.

We took the kids to Alvin’s, a beach touristy shop on the strip and let the two older kids pick out shirts. The little one slept through this, too. Then, the girl got a gumball and a filling came out.  Geez! I was about an hour from dropping her off at her dad’s for his half of the summer and her filling comes out. So, I had to leave him with our dental insurance information and am still worried about how the dentist’s office trip goes. It was raining so hard when we dropped her off that I was soaked by the time I got back to the car. There was a puddle lake of water by the car and I had to step into it, soaking my tennis shoes, getting back in. It was just that kind of vacation.

But somehow, instead of being upset by all the issues that came up, I still had a great time. I got to spend wonderful time with my sister and her kids. I got to have a fun mini vacation with my daughter before she went to her dad’s for part of the summer.

We drove back to my sister’s stopping for capuccino’s on the way back. We didn’t even bother eating dinner, except for some ham we snatched out of the fridge from a couple night’s before. After we fed the kids and got them in bed, her and I settled down to this.

One for the Money, the movie. We both have read all of the books. I went to see it with some girlfriends when it came out, but she hadn’t had a chance to see it yet. So, I had to buy it and bring it down with me. I sent her this photo when I bought it, just to tease her with.

We also took the rest of the pie, a container of cool whip and two forks to the living room. We watched the movie and giggled between mouthfuls of pie. We ate about a third of a pie, by the forkful, dipped straight into that cool whip. Oh, yum.

Then, I left the next morning, to drive back to Atlanta. I missed my girl, but she was having a good time. I enjoyed the drive, actually. 3 hours of quiet. I had a lot of time to reflect. I stopped for gas and Church’s chicken strips. The lady at the register gave me a honey butter biscuit, too. I thought I’d only take a bite, but it was so darn fluffy and buttery and honey sweetened, that it was gobbled up before I could get far down the road.

Then, at the airport, after I dropped the car off and found my gate, I had 2 hours to spare. I went right to the Chili’s restaurant and sat at the bar and enjoyed a margarita and chips n salsa. My favorite. It was kind of fun sitting at the bar all by myself. I had my eReader and ate every last chip.

On the way back to my gate I noticed a Cinnabon stand and had to grab one for later. Cause I never get Cinnabon. We don’t have one in the area. I sat their and polished it off while reading as well. I still can’t believe I ate that huge cinnamon roll. I really just didn’t care about my diet at that point. I figured, I’ve already blown it outa the water, why stop now? It’s called vacation, people, and I enjoyed it.

I also slept on the flight home.


2 thoughts on “Snapshots from Georgia/Florida

  1. Jana H. says:

    FUN! Sounds like it was a rockin’ trip, girl. Glad ya’ll had fun despite all the trials (and rain!). And oh my…that cinnamon bun looks awesome. So jealous.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been eating like I’m on vacation except I’m totally not. LOL

    • JenMarie's Cafe says:

      It was just so nice to be with my sister that all those trials just kind of made it memorable. Nice when you can laugh about it…
      That cinnamon bun was gone in minutes. So sad. 🙂

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