Picnics & Flights

I mentioned that I would be visiting my sister in Georgia. Actually, the girl and I are both going. We’re going to visit for a few days, a couple of those days will be spent at the beach in Florida, not far. Then, I will meet with her dad and she will be staying with him for half of the summer.

So, because we won’t be seeing each other for a little while, we decided it was important to go on a picnic. We packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, some cheese, an apple, two bottles of water, books *cause you can’t go anywhere without a book* a couple of games and a large blanket.

We drove to a spot on the bluff overlooking the Illinois River. It’s on a road with these large mansions, which are awesome to look at. We found a nice spot and ate our sandwiches in the sun. We did eventually move to a shadier spot when we got too hot.

It was peaceful and beautiful. We chatted and laughed and played a couple of games. She won one, and I won one.  

This morning, we will be getting on a flight to Atlanta, then getting a rental car to drive the rest of the way down to my sister’s house. I really love a good road trip, so I’m really excited about this part. We have lots of good girl power music on our mp3 players and are prepared with some snacks.

I’m really excited about some serious sister time. Which, any of you that has a good relationship with her sister knows that it’s actually nowhere near serious. I’m taking a couple of good movies. She hasn’t seen One For the Money yet, with Katherine Heigl, but she has read all of the books, too. So, we’ll get to drool over Ranger a little. She said there was a really great pizza place near the beach, I said, “Hungry Howie’s”? Cause that’s my favorite place from when I lived there. After that there was just a bunch of ensuing screaming-excited-laughter.

I’m also bringing her a copy of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. She has yet to read it. I mean, seriously? So, I’m forcing it upon her. She’ll thank me for it later. Like…. 1,000 pages later.

So, I will be out of service until next week. I hope that you can all make it without me. I will be taking pictures of our antics and of our food. I know you will all be excited to see that. I am, too.

Take care and have a great weekend. I will be thinking of you all at the beach……


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