Iced Coffee with Coffee Concentrate

During the summer, I really enjoy light drinks. I want something that’s not so heavy or sweet that it overwhelms me. I like adding only a tiny bit of Crystal Light to ice water and I like nice cold, unsweetened ice coffee.

Now, you could totally make this lavish. You could add heavy cream or sweetened condensed milk. You could add your favorite creamer. But my favorite way is plenty of milk, unsweetened or lightly sweetened, mid strength on the coffee and iced cold. Sometimes I add a little Hershey’s syrup.

But the best part is that you can make it however you want with the coffee concentrate.

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Zucchini Coins with Dill

So, my big news that kept me busy last week is that I accepted a new job! It’s not in aviation anymore, but it’s with a large corporation where I will have lots of room to grow. It’s a super opportunity and a big-time job for me. I’m excited! So, when I do end up starting there, * I have a few weeks* I may be a little light with the postings for a while. I’ll try to have some extra posts ready to help with the fill-in, though.

I made this because when I’m overwhelmed with planning and thoughts, I like to cook. It helps me wind my head down, if that makes any sense.

There are a few things that I just love dill with, zucchini is one of them. I think it’s just one of those things where the two flavors complement each other.

It’s also a fairly healthy and fast side dish.

And a good way to use your zucchini, if you happen to be growing it.

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A Boy’s Birthday

The youngest boy had a birthday a while back. We ended up celebrating in stages, like we did for the girl.

When my parents visited last, we wanted to do a small celebration for them, since they wouldn’t be back again until after his birthday. He didn’t want cake, we had just had cake for the girl’s birthday. He didn’t want pie. He didn’t really want any dessert. He wanted fruit. Yeah!

So, I bought him bananas, a cantaloupe *muskmelon depending on where you live*, bing cherries and strawberries. Cantaloupe’s are his all-time favorite fruit in the world. I figured since he doesn’t have a cake, i’d get him a loaf angel food cake and he could eat his fruit on it. He thought that was fabulous!

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Parmesan, Asiago and Herb Crusted Chicken

I had the evening to myself last night. The girl is still at her dad’s, the youngest boy at his mom’s and the middle boy was at work. The fireman was at work, too. When the girl and I have nights alone, often we make spaghetti. It’s our go to meal. We love it.

I’m trying to lose a pesky few pounds, so I didn’t want to load up on carbs. I figured I’d make burgers or chicken breasts and cover with my favorite marinara sauce, which happens to be Ragu’s Roasted Garlic. That Roasted Garlic flavor just makes it absolutely fanfreakingtastic. For realz.

I thought Chicken Parmesan with breaded chicken breasts sounded wonderful, but again with the breading and carbs. So, I thought I’d try a cheese and herb crust. This is what I came up with.

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Father’s Day weekend 2012

I know I’ve been a little MIA lately. I’ve got some new irons in the fire that I’ll be able to talk about hopefully by the end of the week. Some fun changes for me.

This last weekend was fun and busy. I went out for drinks with a friend and her other friends for her birthday last Friday, then stayed up seriously late listening to a book on cd while surfing the web. My fireman was working and the kids were gone. I really know how to party, don’t I?

We also went out for the youngest boy’s birthday, but I will post about that later.

Our bedroom looks different as well. The fireman and I rearranged our entire bedroom. We moved the bedroom to a different wall and shifted everything. It looks really amazing. The whole feel of the room is different now. We need to find a narrow side table for my side of the bed. I have it about a foot from the wall, to walk between, but need a small table to set my alarm, phone and a bottle of lotion. I’m thinking maybe a phone table or even a narrow, short cube-like bookcase of some sort. We’ll see.

Happy Father’s Day, my favorite Fireman!

For Father’s Day, the fireman asked that I make my homemade pizzas. But instead of making 3 large pizza crusts, he wanted to have smaller, different topping pizzas. So, I made the 3 large crusts recipe, but rolled them into 5 smaller crusts.

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Butterfly Birthday Cake

This week, my little girl turned 9. This is the very last year she will be in single digits. This all makes me feel very old. However, I am very proud of how my girl has grown up. She’s fun and bright and we just have a blast together.

Since she’s in Florida with her dad, we had her birthday party a couple of weeks ago, right after school ended. I thought it’d be cheaper to have a few girls for a spa/slumber party instead of a party at our skating rink or local pool/gym. I was wrong. By the time I paid for decorations and giftbags, plus the pizza we  had paid as much as as a party package. But they all had fun.

Me? I had a room full of screaming 7 year olds, like ALL NIGHT. *insert headache and sleepless night*

I had meant to only have 3-4 girls, but by the time we finished everything, I had allowed her to add someone else and someone else a few too many times. That many girls and they split into two groups. Then there’s bickering and hurt feelings, etc… I could go on for a while.

We decorated the basement with streamers and a sign.Then, we set up our laundry-folding table at the end of the room (to the left). Continue reading