Cauliflower Rice

This isn’t really rice.

It’s really just cauliflower that’s been cut into bits so that the texture resembles rice.

Does it taste like rice? Not really.

Is it really good? Oh, yes. It is!

So, here’s the thing. Because I normally top rice with some sauce like a gravy or Chinese food, I don’t really pick up the cauliflower taste much. Besides, when I’m eating it with Chinese food, there are other vegetables in there and I didn’t notice anything unpleasant at all. I like cauliflower anyway. What it does give you, is the texture of rice. Not really long grain rice and not really sticky rice, but the mouth feel of something substantial that sauce is going on.

I quite enjoyed it.

The best part? I didn’t feel bloated full when I finished eating my plate. You know how when you eat a lot of starches, you feel thick and bloated? Like there’s something heavy sitting in your tummy? Well, that’s cause there is. We have a hard time processing a lot of carbs and starches. It slows our body *and our metabolism* down. Cauliflower is naturally way low in carbs, like ridiculously low, and you’re getting lots of great vitamins, too. Especially cause this isn’t overly cooked. It’s barely steamed.

And it’s not all that hard to make.

Take a head of cauliflower, cut off smallish pieces to fit in your food processor. I had to do 2-3 small batches, cause my food processor is ridiculously small.


Then, add a little water and a little margerine to the fluffy little cauliflower bits.

Microwave, covered for a few minutes, steaming it. It doesn’t take long and I didn’t steam it until it was really soft, just until the tooth left it a bit. Kind of like al delte pasta.

This time, I served it over General Tso’s Chicken . Doesn’t it look yummy?

The Recipe:

Cauliflower Rice

1/2 head cauliflower
2 Tbl water
1 tsp margerine
dash salt

Cut cauliflower into small enough chunks to feed through your food processor. Process until the texture resembles large panko crumbs. Spoon into microwave safe dish, add water, margerine and salt. Microwave about 3 minutes or until al dente.

Especially good with stir fry.


2 thoughts on “Cauliflower Rice

  1. Jana H. says:

    Interesting, veddy, interesting. 😉 Imma hafta give it a go.

    My food processor is ridiculously small, too. It’s actually a little mini-food chopper I inherited from my oldest sister when she moved to Alabama. 😀

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